Turn Key Projects & Maintenance Services

Turn Key Projects & Maintenance Services


It is the field that integrates the technical, human and management aspects of today’s sophisticated products and processes.

We design, improve and optimize processes in both manufacturing and numerous other industries. EIDCO engineering design department, is the key department where creative solutions and excellent applications are created.

EIDCO has successfully carried out many projects in the following fields:

– Integrating and controlling large systems through one control platform

– Manufacturing process design & production scheduling

– Facility design, location and layout

– Quality control, system reliability, safety and preventive maintenance

– Ergonomics and human-machine design

– Design for disassembly & environmentally conscious manufacturing

– Material handling and work design

– Resource and material allocation  

Downtime is the manufacturers biggest fear, therefore EIDCO do believe that minimum downtime is a very important factor in choosing any industry, our maintenance department team is of high caliber technical background that will save the customer from any downtime and help maintain system with minimum costs and expenses.

EIDCOs maintenance services department offers full maintenance contracts and industrial plants rehabilitation and modernization.