Military Training Solutions

EIDCO managed to build up exceptionally proficient training solutions, it is organized in an approach to serve our clients requirements. And today we are putting between our clients’ hands comprehensive solutions in the military training industry. EIDCO interests in innovative work, created inventive Hi-tech solutions which follows up the latest behaviors of training scenarios. When it comes to vast integrations between training facilities EIDCO is your destination

Expanded Polystyrene Machinery & Applications

EIDCO managed to develop a very efficient and unique business model, it is structured in a way to serve our comprehensive approach to polystyrene industry, and today we are offering our clients a complete closed cycle of related services satisfaction.

Security Systems

With over 20 years of experience in automation and metal structure designs, EIDCO introduces its vehicle control systems. EIDCO designed and built high security entrance systems that are reliable and rugged, including Road Blockers, Bollards, Tire Killers and Barriers.

Turn Key Projects & Maintenance Services

It is the field that integrates the technical, human and management aspects of today’s sophisticated products and processes. We design, improve and optimize processes in both manufacturing and numerous other industries. EIDCO engineering design department, is the key department where creative solutions and excellent applications are created.