Security Systems

Security systems

With over 20 years of experience in automation and metal structure designs, EIDCO introduces its vehicle control systems. EIDCO designed and built high security entrance systems that are reliable and rugged, including Road Blockers, Bollards, Tire Killers and Barriers.


Road Blockers & Bollards

Essential entrance security tool that will stop any potential vehicle threat. It can be used with total confidence. Strong, reliable and durable system.

It is controlled using a powerful hydraulic pump, controlled by its own PLC. Road Blockers and Bollards come with different dimensions to suit the preferable solution. They are a perfect addition to the high-security and sensitive areas entrances and exits.

Our special design software allows us to integrate large numbers of Road Blockers and Bollards together and control them through one platform.


Tire Killers & Barriers

Tire killers and Barriers are an efficient solution for vehicle entrance and exit control. However, it is less secure than Road Blockers and Bollards but it can be access control. They come in different configurations and sizes. Tire Killers are either automatically controlled or manually controlled, electrically or using a lever.