Polystyrene Machinery Manufacturing

Polystyrene Machinery Manufacturing

EIDCO designs and manufactures machines and plants for processing Expanded Polystyrene(EPS), with the deep rooted experience we gained in this field EIDCO offers a variety of machines as well as customized solutions such as shape molding, block molding, expander, cutting & recycling machines with fully automated production lines. EIDCO investments in research and development, produced innovative Hi-tech solutions which are exported all over the world. When it comes turn-key full plants for the production of EPS plants EIDCO is your destination


Shape Molding Machine

EIDCO proudly introduces its fully automated shape molding machine, the first machine to be equiped with a multi language interface option, in addition to many more technical refinments. which makes it the jewel in our machinary range.


Block Molding Machine

EIDCO™ can produce and manufacture both vertical and horizontal block molding machines in different sizes with or with out vacuum system known for its high production capacity, and law steam consumption


Cutting Machine

The Top of the range in the EPS Cutting machines, very strong and stable square steel structure. Completely automatic using the latest technologies


Recycling Machine

The automatic Recycling machine is a big contribution to environment it reflects our policy of reducing energy and raw material consumption our vision is to reach a ZERO WASTE EPS.


Expander Machine

EIDCO Continuous pre expander machines are the heart of our EPS production lines .it is the money maker due to its capacity in expanding any EPS raw materials to the exact required density, in addition to a very easy maintenance system.


CNC Cutting Machine

Eidco offers innovative CNC milling and engraving machines for perfect results in your production!