Polystyrene Application


Insulating Concrete Forms, is a system of reinforced concrete usually made with a rigid thermal insulation. In this case EPS. Focusing on the main benefits; It has great insulation properties results in vastly reduced energy demands for heating or cooling. In addition to the very low time margin of building/construction process compared to the traditional process.  

Thermo Insolation

With the huge rise in energy bills for both public and private sectors the need for solutions to reduce energy consumption became a priority, lots of governments are now passing laws and regulations to enforce the use of thermo insulation for all types of constructions. Polystyrene due to its flexibility to mold to any desired shape and density is considered the best insulating material not only for heat but also for sound. The demand for polystyrene used in thermo insulation is anticipated to rise dramatically in the very near future. Using the latest technologies in shape molding and cutting machines EIDCO can provide its customers with a full automated thermo insulation production line.


Due to its cost effectiveness, light weight and flexibility to mold to any shape polystyrene is highly recommended and used in decoration. Our wide range of cutting machines and block molding machine can provide you with a state of the art solution for decoration contracts. Using polystyrene in decoration saves lots of time, money, effort and makes creative decoration ideas visible and achievable.


EIDCO provided lots of its clients with efficient polystyrene packaging plants and factories, regardless of the shape size or fragility of your product we can design, and manufacture your polystyrene packaging production line and guarantee the safety of your product in various conditions during its transportation and storage.


One of the main areas where polystyrene is used is agricultural packaging. Fruits, vegetables and plants are perishable goods which need lots of protection while transporting and storing them. Polystyrene packaging is the best solution because it absorbs shocks and provides thermal insulation at the same time. Polystyrene agricultural packaging can be produced in various sizes and shapes.

EIDCO during the years created a long list of clients especially farms and agricultural companies, using its machinery to produce there agricultural packaging

block Inserts

Block inserts are an innovative solution used in construction. It has outstanding thermal insulation properties in addition to high compressive strength when merged with concrete. It can be produces in various densities with different sizes and groove shapes.