Welcome to EIDCO. The inheritor of three generations of Industrialists. In 1946 the late Mahdi Qulaghassi, driven by his passion to industry, machine design and manufacturing, started his business in Amman, Jordan. The seed that Mr. Mahdi Qulaghassi planted has grown up  to become in 1992 one of the leading Companies in machine manufacturing, automation and optimizing industrial solutions. in 1996, his sons followed their father’s steps mingling the two elements of conservatism and flexibility, the result was the formation of EIDCO. After accumulating all of our industrial experience, EIDCO today owns different types of engineering fields, including Expanded Polystyrene machinery & Solutions, Military Training Solutions, Security Systems and Custom Industrial Grade Solutions.



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  • Expanded Polystyrene Machinery & Applications
  • Military Training Solutions
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 Jordan – +962 6 4888419

 KSA – +966 54 818 5613

P.O.Box 410322 Amman 11141



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